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Life and Relationship Coaching focusing on healthy choices in lifestyle and relationships



...As well as a science!

It's a creative endeavor that can’t always be measured or predicted. It flows from the interaction between client and therapist. There is no “one size fits all.” Each session is a unique moment in time, not unlike the brush strokes which are placed on a blank canvas. Yet, the canvas grows fuller and richer as the images take shape. The therapist’s creativity is also key, especially when it comes to recognizing that there are many options and choices available to the client. It’s also about artful communication as well as a creative perspective that takes into account the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. 



Therapy is about the human element!

It’s a unique relationship between two or more people who may be different but who share the same humanity. That is, they share many of the same struggles that are part of the human experience. When there is compassion and understanding on the part of the therapist who has experience in navigating the ups and downs of life, then there is a connection that heals. When a therapist is fully and genuinely committed to the well being of his/her client, and is seen as an ally, it allows the client to look within and see their value as well as their own shadow side. This feeling of safety and support is what allows for self acceptance and transformation. 


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Shereen A. Robinson, LCSW-C


  • Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical in the state of Maryland
  • Masters Degree in Social Work
    The University of Maryland School of Social Work in Baltimore
  • Member of The National Association of Social Workers
  • Private counseling practice in New Market, Maryland for the past 31 years
  • Trained in Relationship and Life Coaching and in Mediation
  • Married for 43 years, a parent, and step-parent 


 Marital, dating, parenting, step-parenting, etc.  



How the mind and emotions affect the body in terms of illness





  • Eclectic Perspective
    A focus on a cognitive behavioral style which includes thoughts, attitudes and behavior
  • Imago Relationship Model
    For couples focusing on communication and family of origin connections
  • The Five Love Languages Model
    Helps to explain individual needs in relationships
  • Teaching Model
    Focuses on understanding personality and gender differences, and skills such as assertiveness and healthy communication
  • Coaching Model
    Focuses on strengths, goal setting and empowerment
  • Jungian Model
    Helps us understand ourselves in light of our reactions
  • Holistic Perspective
    Takes into account the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life and how they are connecte




Although my profile gives you my credentials and some personal information, I’d like to add a more personal statement about myself and my work.

First of all, I approach counseling from a positive stance, believing in the dignity of every human being regardless of their circumstances. That is, I believe we have worth just as we are, as well as the capacity to grow and change in a more positive direction. In fact I believe that we have a God given inclination toward wholeness and well being. Consequently, I strive to be compassionate and non-judgmental.

Second of all, I approach counseling from a stance of inviting self reflection, believing that the behaviors and circumstances of our lives are filled with meaning, if we look deep enough. Finding meaning is crucial to emotional health and allows us to deal with difficult situations. Consequently, I share insights, and try to encourage each person to look at their circumstances from a broader perspective.

Thirdly, I approach counseling from a stance of equality. Although I am the counselor, I recognize that as human beings we all face the same struggles and that your experience is just a valuable as mine. Therefore, I view the counseling process as a partnership whereby each person is empowered to grow and change at their own pace. Consequently I strive to provide encouragement in a safe and comfortable environment.


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